Blue Haus Group

Growth by Design

Specializing in Small Business and Economic Development

Founded in 2015 Blue Haus Group builds strong communities. BHG is composed of two components; Blue Haus Development Services (BHDS) and Blue Haus Group Small Business (BHSB).

Blue Haus Development Services has an array of resources which it deploys to facilitate responsible real estate development in underserved and underutilized communities. BHDS also works in collaboration with local economic development organizations and community business organizations to amplify and execute local projects.

Blue Haus Small Business provides marketing and business development services for small and medium sized businesses in Hartford and New Haven. These businesses are the life blood of local economies.

We help small businesses with Social Media Marketing, SEO, Content Creation and Network Marketing through our knowledge of Data Analytics and Business Intelligence (B.I)

If you're looking for bespoke small business marketing and development - look no further.

Coalition For Diverse Developers

Increasing access to under represented residents and professionals in commercial real estate


Historically, real estate and development are not diverse fields. Today, gender and ethnicity are still barriers to advancement. Minority women are subject to a double disadvantage, and are significantly less likely to advance than either White women or minority men. These barriers combined with a lack of access to opportunities and capital create an environment that supports destabilized neighborhoods and a lack of safe, affordable housing due to absentee landlords.


The Coalition for Diverse Developers convenes under-represented residents & professionals in Greater Hartford for the purposes of mutual professional development and leveraged access to development projects. 


  • Increase diversity in the field of real estate, building & development in the Greater Hartford Area

  • Increase real estate investment among residents and address the demand for middle housing in the Greater Hartford Area

  • Provide professional development opportunities to under-represented populations in the fields of real estate, building & development

  • To increase access to capital for under-represented populations in the fields of real estate, building & development fields

  • To revitalize and stabilize neighborhoods by increasing the quality and quantity of safe, affordable units in Greater Hartford

Community Partners