Blue Haus Group

Growth by Design

Founded in 2015 Blue Haus Group builds strong communities. To achieve this goal BHG is composed of two components; Blue Haus Development Services (BHDS) and Blue Haus Group Small Business (BHSB).

Blue Haus Development Services has an array of resources which it deploys to facilitate responsible real estate development in underserved and underutilized communities. BHDS also works in collaboration with local economic development organizations and community business organizations to amplify and execute local projects.

Blue Haus Small Business provides marketing and business development services for small and medium sized businesses in Hartford and New Haven. These businesses are the life blood of local economies.

We help small businesses with Social Media Marketing, SEO, Content Creation and Network Marketing through our knowledge of Data Analytics and Business Intelligence (B.I)

If you're looking for bespoke small business marketing and development - look no further.

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Timothy Moore

Timothy Moore is a 4x entrepreneur with a background in sales & marketing. He uses his business experience to drive economic development through real estate development/reuse and small business promotion. He currently works in Manhattan for Berko & Associates as a Real Estate Investment Associate and at Wallace Tetreault Realty in Connecticut.. Prior to joining Berko, he worked for FBE LTD LLC - a privately held development and capital company located in the Financial District where he focused on operations and development.

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Sarah Freeman

Sarah Freeman is a graduate of Central Connecticut State University. Currently a Junior Marketing Associate, Sarah specializes in the Hospitality and Tourism industry. She is an avid traveler and enjoys writing about her adventures.


Danielle Sitler

Danielle Sitler is an experienced Interior Designer having worked at firms such as Mark Finlay Architects in Southport as a Design Assistant and most recently at Specs Design Group as a Designer. In her spare time Danielle enjoys art and her two dogs.