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Specializing in Small Business and Economic Development

Founded in 2015 Blue Haus Group builds strong communities. BHG is composed of two components; Blue Haus Development Services (BHDS) and Blue Haus Group Small Business (BHSB).

Blue Haus Development Services has an array of resources which it deploys to facilitate responsible real estate development in underserved and underutilized communities. BHDS also works in collaboration with local economic development organizations and community business organizations to amplify and execute local projects.

Blue Haus Small Business provides marketing and business development services for small and medium sized businesses in Hartford and New Haven. These businesses are the life blood of local economies.

We help small businesses with Social Media Marketing, SEO, Content Creation and Network Marketing through our knowledge of Data Analytics and Business Intelligence (B.I)

If you're looking for bespoke small business marketing and development - look no further.

We Didn't Do Anything Wrong, but Somehow, We Lost

By Tim Moore 4x Entrepreneur and Partner

These were the famous last words of Nokia's CEO to his management staff while discussing their acquisition by Microsoft.

In today's increasingly global and competitive markets, it is essential to innovate not just through gradual change and improvement, but also by successfully embracing disruptive thinking. 

Sounds easy right? Maybe for some.

Albert Einstein once said " Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them". For organizations this means that it's likely that the same people that delivered Product A aren't going to bring you its more creative, better resourced counter part. The organization will need to look outside of its current team to source the necessary critiques and constructive feedback to enhance the product. This becomes a sequence of growth and reinvention. Professionally and culturally, organizations and individuals must be able to accept that what seems odd and unnecessary today, may prove to be advantageous to solving tomorrows problems. This requires a culture that  is energetic, innovative and is able to be courageous and embrace failure. Unfortunately, most companies are scared of failure and are therefor risk averse. 

Me too Mindset vs change or die

While incremental change and a "me too" mindset may buy an organization time, the ability to maintain courage and conviction, paired with long term thinking and execution while challenging the status quo will help to ensure long term success. It is essential to adapt a "change or die" mindset. Today, innovation required more than just out thinking and outsmarting your rivals. It requires you to redefine the rules of the game.

Don't lose the game by committing to just exist.